Relatives of Cuban dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer have expressed concern in the United States that they have not heard from him since his arrest.

Pictured is Cuban dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer. EFE / Emilio Lopez / Archive

Anna Bilqis Ferrer, maverick sister Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Cuban National Union (Unbaku), stressing that they had not heard from him or his son since they were both They were “unjustly and arbitrarily detained or kidnapped” on 11 July in the context of the massive protests that erupted in Cuba.

Ferrer called the government Joe Biden and the rest of the world”symbiosis“With Cuba and support measures”companies” against “dictatorship“Because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to.”Get rid of it“.

This activist joined the voices of those calling for “humanitarian interventionAnd a continuous Internet service that allows Cubans toReport all grievances“.

In this context, Balqis Ferrer met yesterday with the North American Senator and former Florida Governor, Rick Scott. “So grateful to Rick Scott for what he did they NS symbiosis The woman posted on her husband’s Twitter account, “On the cause of the freedom of our beloved people, who have suffered for a long time.”

Pictured is Republican Senator Rick Scott (Image: EFE)
Pictured is Republican Senator Rick Scott (Image: EFE)

Meanwhile, Scott reported on his Twitter account that he met Ferrer’s brother, daughter and “With other brave Cubans fighting for freedom. Jose is among more than 500 Cubans unjustly imprisoned by the illegal Cuban Communist regime. We will not stop fighting until Cuba is liberated.”

The meeting was held at the same time that hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the White House for the release of the US President, Joe Biden, “SOS” of Cuba and denounce the alleged human rights violations that occurred during the recent protests on the island.

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The protest began in Lafayette Square, It is located in front of the presidential residence and the march that ended in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington continued.

We ask and draw attention and request an international distress so that the Biden administration looks towards the island of Cuba that is being slaughteredtold the agency EFE Opponent Elisir Gongora Izaguirre, member of the Cuban National Federation (UNPACO).

Scott with Ferrer's relatives (@jdanielferrer)
Scott with Ferrer’s relatives (@jdanielferrer)

Accompanied by him—who had traveled from Miami—dozens of his compatriots arrived in Washington to join a colorful and raucous gathering, where the flags of the Caribbean nation were raised, As well as T-shirts or posters that read “SOS Cuba” or “Patria y Vida”.

Demonstrators gathered to demand Biden more action against the government of Cuba, a country that Washington has imposed a blockade on for more than six decades and That in recent years I have felt the severity of the sanctions ordered by the government of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

For Gongora, who denounced the expulsion of the authorities from his country in February 2019, Biden’s response so far has been “very weak.” ‘Not the sanctions we’re asking for’“Dictatorship comes out from the roots,” stressed Gongora, who considered the cry to be.

This Monday, governments Twenty-one countries, including the United States and five Latin American countries, have condemned “mass arrests and arrests” Demonstrators in Cuba and demanded respect for human rights on the island.

Last Thursday, the Biden government announced the imposition of sanctions on the Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, Álvaro López Meyera, and against an elite military unit popularly known as the “Black Wasps” or “Black Berets” warned that “this is only the beginning”.

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