Boris Becker: Stuttgart or Munich

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to: Patrick Meyer

Boris Becker: After his release from prison in England, the German tennis star has returned to Germany. © IMAGO / Tayfun Salci

After his release from prison in England, Boris Becker was deported to Germany. There are different reports about the whereabouts of the tennis legend.

Munich / Stuttgart – Boris Becker Free. The German tennis star has been released from British custody after nearly seven months He returned to Germany on Thursday because the English authorities removed him when he was released from prison.

Boris Becker: deported from England to Germany

Baker’s attorney confirmed the news on Thursday afternoon (December 15): “Our client Boris Becker is released in England He left for Germany today. ” Boris Becker has been in Great Britain for the past few years Live.

His prison sentence was actually two and a half years. Under British law, testing was only possible after serving half of the sentence. Nevertheless, Baker took advantage of the Special Release and Deportation Program. Any foreign prisoner who “can be released from prison and deported up to twelve months before his earliest date of release” is eligible for this in Great Britain.

VIDEO: Tennis icon Boris Becker released from British custody

However, confusion reigned Thursday night regarding the whereabouts of the tennis icon in Germany. It remained unclear where Baker ended up after leaving England. At least there were indications of his arrival in southern Germany.

Boris Becker: Did the plane land in Stuttgart or Munich?

again Mirror She reported that Becker wanted to fly from Farnborough to Munich Airport in a private jet chartered from Air Hamburg. Accordingly, the winner of Wimbledon was also on the list of passengers for a machine of the type “Cessna Citation XLS”. However, it appears he was not on board. A Munich airport spokesman explained T online: “There was only one passenger in the machine you were supposed to be about to arrive. And that was a woman. You just don’t know, the whole thing is like one big game of hide-and-seek.”

You just don’t know, it’s like a big game of hide-and-seek.

Focus on the Internet He wrote that Baker’s plane was unable to land in Munich because of the weather. because of the strength Snow and ice due to sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain, the airport in the city of Isar was temporarily paralyzed in the middle of the week.. Report for Globalism According to Becker, he arrived in Stuttgart instead. There is no confirmation of this yet.

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Boris Becker: A guess about the whereabouts of the German tennis icon

Fittingly for Stuttgart, Becker comes from the small town of Leimen near Heidelberg in Baden. The fact that the winner of the Australian Open (1991 and 1996), Wimbledon (1985, 1986 and 1989) and the US Open (1989) lived in the Bavarian capital in the early 1990s speaks of Munich – but without being registered there. Which later earned him his first criminal record for tax evasion. And so the conjecture continues about the whereabouts of the tennis icon that Germany has returned to. vice versa. (evening)

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