Blitz “additional fines”, fixed appeal judgment: fifteen judgments in first instance

Gela. Another procedural line arrives on appeal, stemming from a mafia “extra fines” Maxi investigation, focused on the reorganization of the Renzefilo family, for investigators assigned to sixty-year-old Salvatore Renzevelo. Proceedings for a second trial against seventeen defendants were set at the end of November. The scheduled date corresponds to the date of the hearing, already scheduled, of another procedural branch of the investigation. Even hypotheses of possible meetings are not excluded. In the first instance, the two brothers, Antonio Renzefilo, were sentenced to life imprisonment (twenty years of imprisonment for the events that followed 2008) and Cruciveso Renzefilo (thirty years of continuous imprisonment with previous sentences). They could have been, albeit in prison for years and under 41 bis, who gave the leadership of the Cosa Nostra family to their other brother, Salvatore. He would travel between Rome, Gela, and Germany, with frequent contacts outside Italy. Around him, colleagues will be attracted, and they will end up being investigated and judged. Twelve years were imposed on Rosario Catuto, who had previously been convicted of the “Drusus” oath. The college also sentenced Carmelo Giannone and Angelo Giannone, a father and son involved in the fish trade. According to investigations, they were going to take advantage of the proximity of Salvatore Renzevelo not only to expand business in other provinces but also to collect credits or demand favorable terms. Inquisitors made sure that one of their pens was available for clan members to meet. Carmelo Giannone was sentenced to twelve years in prison; Angelo Giannone is seven years and nine months old. Both were charged for another four months, due to one specific controversy in the brief weather, which instead led to their acquittal of weapons possession charges. Ten years and eight months were announced for Alfredo Santangelo, an Etnite businessman who was to act as an economic intermediary for Rinzivillos. Eight years for Antonio Maranto and six years for Giuseppe Rosglione, who could have given his availability in the group of operators in the fishing sector, in the provinces where Renzefilo’s business was developing, according to investigators. Six years and eight months were imposed on Francesco Mailali, another operator in the fishing sector who would have saved himself. Luigi Renzefilo was sentenced to seven years in prison, linked to Salvatore Renzefilo through family ties. He focused the investigators’ attention on his betting room, based on the investigations also used in the meetings decided by Salvatore Rinzevelo. Six years and eight months were announced for Umberto Bongiorno, who was to attempt through Renzevelo to make commercial investments in the region of Rome. Six years and eight months also for Vincenzo Mulè, who is considered very close to Rinzivillo, also with regard to the intention to restore relations in the United States. For the posts of brothers Antonio Renzefilo and Crociviso Renzefilo, but also for the posts of Luigi Renzefilo, Umberto Bongiorno, Rosario Catuto, Angelo Giannone and Carmelo Giannone, acquittals were issued, but only for some of the charges brought. Businessman Emmanuel Catania has been acquitted, with all charges dropped. By realizing the “extra fines”, a possible connection to the Rinzivillo group and its 60-year-old boss emerged. Among the disputes, having made himself available for alleged economic investment in Morocco and considered by investigators as a commercial connection to Renzevelo, as well as in relations with Palermo, Gottadoro and Giannini. The businessman, who was defended by attorney Giacomo Ventura, has always said that he is a stranger to Renzefilo’s plans, and in fact has said over the course of time that he has repeatedly suffered damages and threats in order to repair. The penal college issued the acquittal, rescinding any restrictive measure that had been imposed on the businessman, who operated an important group in the large-scale fish trade, including at the national level. Defender’s requests were granted and all shares of his company were released.

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