Biden will attend a summit with the leaders of Japan, Australia and India

Biden will hold a summit with his counterparts from Japan, Australia and India

US President Joe Biden will hold A virtual summit on Thursday with the rulers of Japan, Australia and India, The state announced the latter in a statement.

The Indian Foreign Ministry memo did not mention the crisis in Ukraine, noting that Biden “will exchange views and assessments on important events in the Asia-Pacific region.” With Prime Ministers Fumio Kishida, Scott Morrison and Narendra Modi.

On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Modi held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the second time since Moscow invaded Ukraine last week.

Washington asked New Delhi to use its influence over Russia.

India's Nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India’s Nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The four-nation group, known as the Quartet, is seen as a front against China in the Asia-Pacific region, with countries such as India itself expressing concern that the Ukraine crisis will distract the United States from this region.

default date It may also be an opportunity for other rulers to pressure Modi to take a more critical stance About the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The brief Indian statement added that the four leaders “will review ongoing efforts to implement their initiatives as part of the Quartet’s contemporary and positive agenda.”

For its part, the United States announced Wednesday Formation of a new federal task force – dubbed “KleptoCapture”Who will put more pressure on the finances of the Russian oligarchy in order to invade Ukraine?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

According to the attorney general Merrick Garland, Department of Justice, will dedicate the group to enforcement of sanctions, export restrictions and economic measures Designed to keep Russia out of world markets.

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The name of the task force comes from the word “kleptocracy”, which identifies a group of corrupt individuals who abuse their power to amass wealth at the expense of those they rule.

To those who support the Russian regime through corruption and evasion of sanctions: We will deny you safe haven and hold you accountable.”Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said. The few, they warned: We will use all tools to freeze and confiscate their criminal proceeds.”

The task force will operate from the Monaco office and will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting sanctions violations. You will use civil and criminal forfeiture laws to confiscate assets obtained through wrongful conduct.

(With information from AFP)

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