Biden: Stop oil imports from Russia

Russia suffers another economic backlash, with the President of the United States Joe Biden Who signed the law to stop the import of oil from Moscow. The decision ends the normal trade relations between the two countries. If the United States on the one hand bans imports, on the other handEuropean Union Sanctions continue to be applied.

Stop oil from Moscow, the US note

A strong position for Joe Biden who hopes, with oil imports from Russia halted, to bring to its knees an economy already in great difficulty. Here is the note from the White House Press Office:

“The President ratified HR 6968, the Law on Termination of the Import of Russian Oil prohibiting the import of energy products from the Russian Federation. The Law on Suspending Ordinary Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus, which suspended normal trade relations with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus ” was also signed.

Congress approved two measures unanimously on Monday, with President Joe Biden making everything official by signing the two bills.

European Union: There is no consensus to stop oil imports from Russia

If the United States and Joe Biden succeed in putting an end to oil imports from Russia, the European Union will not have a consensus to sever trade relations with Moscow. The United States, in addition to the Kremlin, also bans Belarus, while the European Union is ready to impose new sanctions.

The European Union is not ready to offer a clean cut in energy imports from Russia, and according to what will happen Sky TG 24The case will not be addressed in the coming days. Biden and the United States do not share the same view, and are more and more determined to stop Russia in every way.

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