Biden explains how to handle classified papers: ‘I have a separate room in my house that’s completely safe’ – Politics

After publishing new details about the FBI’s investigation against his predecessor, Donald Trump, US President Joe Biden has commented on his handling of classified documents. “I have a separate room in my house that’s completely safe,” Biden said Friday after a reporter asked. “I’m going home today PDB (President’s Daily Brief). It’s locked, one person with me, the military, and I’m reading it. Then I lock it up and put it back in.”

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The top-secret report contains the most important current findings of the US intelligence services every day. It is recreated every morning and given to the president. When asked if it would be appropriate to take confidential papers home, Biden said it depends on the type of documents.

The White House has kept a low profile on the partly published procedural document of the investigation against Trump. This is an independent investigation led by the Department of Justice. Justice Department spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre said the president believes it is important for the Department of Justice to maintain this independence.” Trump is accused of storing classified papers from his time as president at Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House. (dpa)

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