Beware of the new variable..a warning center for countries

New Delhi: The Central Government has alerted States/Union Territories about the new variant of Kovid (B.1.1.529) which has been launched in several countries, including South Africa. He cautioned that extreme caution should be exercised in the case of foreign travelers. Required screening tests must be performed on shields for travelers arriving from abroad. Covedi advised them to run the tests carefully. South Africa, in particular, has been ordered to be more careful with arrivals from Hong Kong. So far, the Federal Minister of Health Rajesh Bhushan has written letters to Additional Principal Secretaries, Senior Ministers of Health and Ministers of Health of all states/union territories in the country. If any of the travelers from abroad are diagnosed with the Covid virus, they should be sampled immediately. Suggest sending it to genome sequencing laboratories. He suggested that those who come in contact with travelers from abroad should be traced and tested in accordance with the regulations issued by the Union Health Ministry. He noted that reducing visa restrictions and easing restrictions on international travel could lead to the spread of this alternative, and that “extreme caution is required.”

Medical experts have identified a variant of type B.1.1.529 that is unusually susceptible to mutations in South Africa. Attempts have been made to estimate the effectiveness of this alternative. The World Health Organization is on high alert to discuss this new alternative. On the other hand, despite the fact that most countries of the world have jumped beyond Covid, it is known that the severity of Covid is slightly lower in South Africa than in other parts of the world. At the same time, scientists have discovered a new species in Botswana, a neighbor of South Africa. South Africa’s National Center for Infectious Diseases has already identified 22 cases associated with this type.

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