Bernd Gesking brings Finland to Nottbeck Gütsel Online

“Hello. Or??terve??,” says Finn. “With these words, author and cabaret artist Bernd Jesking greeted the audience at the Haus Nottbeck cultural property on Thursday evening, September 30, 2021

Article on October 4, 2021

“Hello. Or ??terve??,” says Finn. “With these words, author and cabaret artist Bernd Jesking greeted the audience on Thursday evening, September 30, 2021 #civilization # Obsession # I downloaded. In his bag he had the cabaret program for his current volume of short stories “Finne dein Glück!” his fans in # old# Stromberg Jeziking gave amazing and bizarre answers.

Finn is that # East Westphalia #Europe‘, Museum director Walter Gooden conveyed the author’s welcome. Minden-born Gieseking feels correspondingly at home in the land of the Midnight Sun. In a good narrative mood, he spoke at Nottbeck of his exciting encounters with the country and its people, from his conversations with traveling chaplains, footballers, Moomin’s expert, and the country’s first bishop. In doing so, he promoted obvious happiness factors such as licorice or regular sauna visits, but also promoted unexpected answers such as Finnish tango or horseback riding.

Thanks to his entertaining stories, Gieseking drew the audience to his side from the very first minute. Repeatedly kicked him # Guests in a # a dialogue, for example, quickly switched to “you” with two women from Helsinki. Of course, Jeseking also revealed the differences between Germany and Finland, which were reflected not only in the different rituals of the sauna, but also in the mentality. After the event, most visitors had their newly acquired book signed by the author, thus taking a small piece of Finnish happiness with them.

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