Belen Esteban’s husband “disappears” on his trip to England

After his last declarations of love to Miguel, Belen Esteban Brag about a vacation trip to the UK…in some pictures where there is no trace of the collaborator’s husband Save me.

The nature preserved for Miguel Marcos It is now known. Husband Belen Esteban Prefer to occupy second place or not even occupy when it comes to a torrent of information about Village princess.

And that, again, is what happened during a trip From Belen Esteban to London, Liverpool and Manchester, duly documented on Instagram by the legendary collaborator of Save me.

Belen experienced this international phase of her vacation after a romantic trip to Tenerife with Miguel. The collaborator’s photo album, which shows her traveling by train, standing in front of graffiti or British antiquities, has piqued the curiosity of her Instagram followers.

Belen Esteban In the Camden neighborhood, at Buckingham Palace, an exhibition on the Titanic in Liverpool as well as in front of the Cavern Club of the Beatles. There was nothing lacking in these last days of Esteban’s rest in the UK…maybe only Miguel, though only photos.

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