‘Grey’s Anatomy’ features a surprising comeback at its season premiere

'Grey's Anatomy' features a surprising comeback at its season premiere

Derek Shepherd made actor Patrick Dempsey a shocking comeback at the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC, sending longtime viewers into a frenzy Thursday night over the return of the deceased character.

For those who missed it, the two-hour episode was a catch-up and introduction to the world of “Grey’s Anatomy” amid the Coronavirus.
The epidemiological parts of the episode were set in April 2020, just weeks after the global health emergency that in real life halted production of the series again in March, before they could finish filming the final episodes of their season.
In the episode, Meredith Gray (Eileen Pompeo) spends most of her time in all-out personal protective clothing and treats patients in the Covid ward of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. At the end of the episode, another doctor finds Meredith collapsing in the parking lot.

Before more information about her condition is clarified, the action shifts ashore, with Meredith standing watching the waves. As her voice ends, she hears a voice calling her name and turns around to see her dead husband standing on the beach, waving his arms.

Dempsey’s character was killed in Season 11 and has only been seen in archive footage since then.

A preview of next week’s episode hints that there will be more to see than Meredith and Derek meet on screen, but it doesn’t do much to clarify its context. Is it a dream of a zombie? A near death experience? hallucination? To be determined.

Pompeo was careful about appearing after the episode on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” But they said it was rewarding to compile it because they knew viewers would “freak out.”

“And we all know 2020 has been a really long and ugly road. And we were so happy just to be able to film these scenes and see how much happiness it will bring people.” He said.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is airing Thursday on ABC.

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