Belen and Stefano De Martino, Surprise on TV / “You to Discovery, is four programs for…”

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino: Good news for the upcoming TV season

The next TV season seems to be keeping up with great news and the satisfaction of one of the entertainment world’s most beloved couples: Belen Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino. The two have just finished a busy season, and it looks like they’ll be eventful next year. In fact, according to Giuseppe Candela in his column “A lume di Candela” for Dagospia, Stefano and Bellin may arrive Attractive job offers.

“More than just a sound, but far from certain. The surprise hit of the Discovery group for next season will have a name and a nickname: Belén Rodriguez.” Candela announces, according to what was reported in “Milan”, that the presenter has set his sights on her, the first meetings, the existence of negotiations and a project on a very secret table. However, this is not a farewell to Mediaset by Rodriguez: “The Argentine showgirl will continue to collaborate with Biscione as she is reassured at the head of ‘Tu si que vales’ and after a good performance, also in ‘Le Iene’.”

Stefano Di Martino: “4 Programs on TV”

if l Belen Rodriguez A new program is looming on another TV channel, Stefano Di Martino does not move from the Rai. In fact, it seems that there are big projects for him: “Rai Entertainment director Stefano Coletta is betting everything on Stefano De Martino. – Candela announces, then reveals which TV shows we will see him again – This summer he will be driving with Andrea Delogu (was There is talk of one of their flirtations) “Tim Summer Hits”, in Fatto Quotidiano announced a new broadcast of the show coming from the US At the beginning of 2023, the space for a new season of “Tonight Anything Is Possible” and more, starting in mid-November at the time Always late in the evening on Rai2 “Bar Stella. Here too, with news to expect, the broadcast will be broadcast for a month three times a week, specifically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

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