Behind your eyes, head over to the top ten TV series on Netflix 5 to see the next

Behind his eyes It is the short series that has gone crazy these days among fans of TV series, especially among its subscribers Netflix. In a few days, the six episodes that make up this short series have jumped into the top ten of the most-watched titles on the platform, with the platform’s internal parameter always followed. Parallel, however, around the world among those who end the story, a sense of disappointment in the world the story ended in is building.

Behind his eyes Taken from the novel of the same name (Behind her eyes Originally) written by Sarah Bainborough, center, is the story of Louise, a single, divorced mother, who works as an assistant at a psychology firm. One evening she meets a man in a bar who will discover that he is not only her future boss but also a married man. After the initial embarrassment, the two find a balance to work together, but again by chance, Louise meets Adele, David’s wife. The two women have one thing in common, and besides David, they both have sleep disturbances and vivid nightmares. Years ago while staying at a psychiatric institution, she met Adele Probe, a troubled boy who teaches him how to control his dreams and would pass the same style on to Louise. Thus begins the plot that also takes features of the supernatural until its conclusion which, as might be expected, causes much debate.

Of course we will not go into the specific dynamics of this ending, which, it is right to emphasize how it actually represents a flaw in the overall balance of the story, but let’s try to lend a hand to those who have been disappointed and want to rush to see something different in order to cope with the trauma.

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And refute the corrupt magic of wealth

On the topic of the miniseries with endings that make viewers debate, the thought immediately goes backing down , Available on Sky On Demand and Now Tv, with a viewer segmentation summary. At the heart of the story, set in New York for the wealthy, between lavish parties and elegant get-togethers, an unsolved murder and a family disturbed by the secrets revolving around her. The cast is extraordinary with heroes Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant surrounded by Donald Sutherland, Matilda De Angelis and Lily Rap.

If it is in backing down The “yellow” component is more central behind your eyes, in the entanglement between wife and lover, in the relationships between characters, in the narration based on personal events there is no shortage of common points between the two producers. Impossible to make a comparison, the apparent superiority of HBO / Sky production is undeniable.

You are a waking nightmare

Back on Netflix, we can console ourselves You are TV series that takes us into the maze of a psychopath. The protagonist, Joe, Under the Good Boy’s Air, hides the spirit of an obsessive psychopath looking for perfection and the ideal woman. When Joe falls in love, he is ready to do anything to defeat his “prey”. In Season 2, Joe tries to change everything, life and identity, but he cannot break old habits. The series is ideal for those looking for an interesting and alluring amusement, for those who want to forget the emotional entanglement of Behind His Eyes and slip into a “sick” love story.

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You are
You are

Strange when the past returns

Let’s stay in the Netflix universe to watch another TV series based on a novel by the title the stranger Written by Harlan Cobain. The protagonist is Adam, a happy and beloved married man in his community, a lawyer and a loving father whom a stranger approaches one day who reveals an incredible secret about his wife’s past, and sends all his certainty into a crisis. A thriller-aligned drama built on the personal dynamics of the protagonists as the other characters allude to themselves to move the neighborhood in which everything is located.

Mindhunter misunderstood masterpiece

While digging deep into the streaming platform, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon it Mindhunter David Fincher’s masterpiece tells of the development of the serial killer behavioral analysis module. A television series that has an impressive depth of analysis on the mind of criminals, ideal for those who want to look at the psychological component from a different perspective without the supernatural.

A maid looking for fear


After leaving Netflix, it was time to fear the mind’s suggestions Servant On Apple TV + Horror / Thriller series with 30-minute episodes. A small acting and writing jewel that benefits from the supervision, production and direction (even if for a few episodes) by M. Night Shyamalan, a master in building fear of the unknown. Where Behind His Eyes fails to create the tension needed to keep the viewer’s attention alive, Servant is the right choice to resurrect our desire to frighten us.

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