Beekeepers want their own space – the dam

Discussion about school use.

It is clear that there is still a need to talk about the use of the rooms in the old wheeling school. Certainly so far the Willaringen Music Association might use one floor. The beekeeping association, which will be 100 years old this year, has also registered a need. However, provided the club gets a room that it can use on its own. But since the Music Union offers a lot of individual tuition fees, it complies with the wishes of the beekeepers as long as the room is used “once or twice a week”. Wilhelm Munsko complained at the council meeting in Rickenbach: “Then we can find shelter only in Musikverein.” He could not understand that the Music Union should have all the rooms, but the other associations must go empty-handed.

Montesco said, with about 40 members and patronage of about five million bees, the Beekeeping Association makes a major contribution to nature conservation. Mayor Zabernick said Tuesday evening at the committee that a conversation between him and Holger Albiz, president of the Music Union, had yet to lead to an agreement. An attempt will now be made to reconcile interests in another discussion with the mediation of the Head of Administration. The municipal councils expressed this hope in their statements.

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