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Within the United States of America two sides of america

Beautiful Americans: A loving account

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After 66 months in the United States, American reporter Stephen Schwarzkopf can still really decide whether he loves Americans or if they terribly annoy him. It is assumed, as is often the case in life, that both are true. trying to explain.

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America has two sides. You already know that? Well, but today’s podcast is not about politics. It is about the likable and least liked qualities of the citizens of the United States. While our reporter meets friendly, open and helpful people whenever he travels in the country outside the capital, as a German journalist in Washington, D.C., he is regularly met with buttons and no. The one-sided coverage of the Olympics by the US media is very disturbing at the moment. But then it comes to one of those unexpected encounters that you just have to love “Americans” for. With this episode, Stephen Schwarzkopf says goodbye to vacation. His inquiries can be answered in the next few weeks as follows: “At this point we would prefer to reject your application.” In other words: my back slipped.

Within the United States of America It is the podcast presented by Stephen Schwarzkopf, WELT News Channel correspondent for America. Stephen gives a glimpse into the political life of Washington and America for ordinary people. Above all, he regularly talks at this point about what you can’t see on TV or the web. And about family life, which wasn’t always easy, with his wife Julia and children Till and Jett. After four years under Donald Trump, Stephen himself has to get used to the changing reality under new US President Joe Biden.

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