Bayern Munich challenges Chelsea

Bayern Munich v Chelsea FC, Paris Saint-Germain vs. FC Barcelona: The big names in the Champions League semi-finals clearly show where the women are heading in the meantime. The big, famous and generous clubs want to conquer the throne of European football with all their might – and Bayern Munich are gladly participating.

The anticipation and tension ahead of the first-leg match against the England champions on Sunday at the Bayern campus, meanwhile, are high. Coach Jens Scheuer said: “Chelsea have made their mission the absolute top spot among women” and warned of the star-studded attack: “The exceptional players face you, which is a bit like Paris against Bayern Munich in the men’s quarter-finals.”

Among other things, Pernille Harder is set in the Chelsea Storm, in which the Blues transfer a record sum of around € 350,000 to VfL Wolfsburg in the summer. In the quarter-final victory over Wolverhampton, striker Sam Kerr (Australia) also showed her world class. In midfield, Bayern Munich will see former captain Melanie Leopolds, who followed the call from London last year, and national goalkeeper Anne Catherine Berger at his best in the stands.

FC Bayern out of shape?

Therefore, for Bayern Munich to reach the Women’s Cup Final (16 May in Gothenburg) for the first time, a good starting location must be found for the second leg in London a week later. But now, of all times, recent appearances noticeably shatter the self-confidence that Bundesliga leaders hard-earned.

After an impressive 26 successive competitive victories, the summit was lost in the DFB Cup semi-final at Wolfsburg (0-2) at the start of April, followed by the first league defeat to TSG Hoffenheim (2-3). The turbulent and happy 3-2 match at Turbine Potsdam last Wednesday at least calmed nerves a little.

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“I’m happy to see our tactical behavior at the final level. It’s important that we remain mentally stable,” said Scheuer, who may have been absent from goalkeeper Laura Pinkarth, who is injured in the knee, in some cases. Players in the last few games. Maria Luisa Grohs, only 19 years old, sometimes looked so insecure.

Chelsea with a tailwind

On the other hand, Chelsea travels to Munich with a lot of tail winds. On Wednesday, the league leaders kept City 2-2 in the first match of the Women’s Super League.

Sarah Däbritz also wants to advance to the Premier Class final with Paris Saint-Germain. After the massive coup of the Parisians against the series winner Olympique de Lyon in the quarter-finals, the team surrounding the German player entered the duels with the Spanish champions from Barcelona with immense self-confidence.

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