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Germany failed due to “lent to the Spaniards”

Germany lost the semi-finals of the European Championship in Berlin 91:96 against Spain. And the Spaniard was not until the beginning of July.

Born Ami Lorenzo Brown (32) she was the best shooter against the German giant with 29 points.

The rule does magic for the European Championship finalists for one reason: they didn’t have anyone of international standing in their position.

bitter! bitter! bitter! Germany gets out of the final

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In basketball, this is not a problem. National teams are allowed to enter tournaments with a “naturalized” player. So the person who has been naturalized.

He doesn’t have to have anything, absolutely nothing, regarding the country he’s playing for.

Ami Mike Toby (27) was at the European Championships for Slovenia and said frankly, “I first heard about the country when they offered me their passport.”

John Roberson, 33, was born in Kansas City and has played everywhere in his career from Switzerland to Sweden and Australia. He is currently making his money in Turkey. Like Bosnia in the European Championship – he never played there.

De Post (32) failed with Bulgaria in the preliminary round. The American chose Bulgarian citizenship in 2016, and Belarus also offered him to play with the country.

New Croatian Glenn Smith, 27, who plays German champion Alba Berlin, said: “If a country wants you, why not take a chance? I didn’t even know where Croatia was before…”

The new Spaniard Brown did not play in Spain. National coach Sergio Scarello (61) met him when he was with the Toronto Raptors. and eat it.

But the path to the semi-final ceremony was not easy – Brown had to give up his American citizenship to become a Spaniard. Players, pundits and fans in Spain were thrilled when news of the naturalization broke.

Even Rudi Fernandez (37), Brown’s team-mate in the national team, called the decision a “disrespect for our talents”.

This is forgotten before Sunday’s final (against France)…

By the way: Most of the national teams competed with the naturalized Ami in the European Championship. As countries change, money must also flow in some countries. Traditional basketball nations such as Lithuania abstain from naturalization.

Mom Nick Wheeler-Papp (26 years old) is in Germany. After all, he plays in Germany and the center of his life is in Munich. And he also wants to be featured in the DBB pick in the coming years…

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