An American soldier accused of killing three in a shooting in Illinois

A state attorney said on Monday that a US Green Beret soldier was accused of killing three men in a shooting at a bowling alley in Illinois on Saturday night.

Three other people were injured in the accident at the Don Carter Linz bowling alley in Rockford, a city of about 150,000.

Prosecutor J. Hanley said in a press conference that Duke Webb, 37, had been charged with three counts of first degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder and was denied the possibility of being released on bail.

The military man was assigned to the Florida-based United States Army Special Forces Group 7, and has served four times in Afghanistan.

The attorney general identified the deceased as Thomas Forsyth, 65, from Machesney Park, Illinois, Jerome Woodford, 69, and Dennis Steinhof, 73, both from Rockford.

Among the injured, he said, a 16-year-old girl is in stable condition, while another 14-year-old and 62-year-old man is still in critical condition in hospital.

“The accused confessed to shooting and led the police to the location of the firearms he used,” Hanley said. Two weapons were found at the scene.

Webb was reportedly on vacation and was visiting his family in Rockford on the day of the attack.

He must appear in court again on February 16 and could face life in prison without parole if convicted.

Al-Askari, a watchdog in intelligence and operations in the Special Forces, returned from his last mission in Afghanistan in July, according to media.

According to his attorney, who has been cited by these means, Webb can suffer from PTSD (PTSD), although he has indicated that a medical examination is needed to certify it.

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Major General John Brennan, Commander of the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne), referred to Webb’s performance as “skewed and not representative at all of the Special Forces Regiment.”

“The actions described in the news are shocking and contradict the supervising web service for 12 years,” Brennan told the New York Times.

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