Australia’s victory march through Chicago

Australia’s tyranny over SailGP seems endless. After winning the first two seasons, in that third and continuing total and the first two events, those in Bermuda and Chicago won humiliating power. A victory in the first event of the year in the USA, that on the first day it looked like he was going to give up some ground, but on the second and last he got on the accelerator and for a change gave no choice, who won the final against Canada and Great Britain. Same as the final in Bermuda, so the rest will have to wake up a lot if they want to

Which is that Tom Slingsby is currently Australia’s best cane, at least in flying boatsCourtesy of Jimmy Spithill, who has already become more American than Australian since arriving at Oracle in the America’s Cup.

Slingsby is currently number one in his country and seeing what was seen, I wouldn’t be the one to spot him either. An Olympic gold medal and five world titles in a demanding category like the laser. This was said by John Bertrand, captain of the American team winning the America’s Cup, a week ago in Lausanne, on the occasion of the presentation of the SSL Gold Cup, which will be part of his team as a captain in the World Cup in Bahrain.

However, it is Australia’s second win with eight events remaining. The rest now had to look from a distance. The one who seems to want to stand up to him is Phil Robertson – the former “Spanish” – who Russell Coutts has always had a style meant for beginners. First he was with China, when the yellow disappeared, he became the driver of Spain, from which he got the maximum performance, and once dispatched, the wand has been ordered from Canada, which is getting the most out of it and here are the results, second in Chicago. To no one’s surprise, Robertson won two of the three Tests at the premiere, and that came from flipping in the pre-competition training session.

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The person who does not work at home is the United States. She never found her place, and this is one of the teams we used to always fight to be in the final.

As for the F50 Victoria, the truth is that it has not just started, it is true that Jordi Xammar has only had two regattas with the boat, experience in this case is a degree. In Chicago two very conservative days finished seventh overall, yes, the same situation as in Bermuda. Much will have to be developed before the next event in Great Britain on the last weekend of July.

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