Australia’s fight against parrots that open trash cans and teach each other

We often underestimate animal intelligence Thinking that they are creatures that do not have the ability to think, and for this reason, they constantly teach us lessons, showing us that we are completely wrong.

The last proof of this was the cockatoo of Sydney, Australia, which for some time learned to open garbage containers. An acquired behavior spread in these birds from the south of the city.

The behavior of the cockatoo has been the subject of research

current biology

Little by little, these animals developed differences in their behaviour, such as completely lifting the lid of a container. A case previously investigated in an article published by the magazine current biology.

Not only that, but this behavior also led to a fight between cockatoos and city dwellers who began to put devices in their enclosures to protect them from birds, and all sorts of smarter measures aimed at protecting these deposits.

A specimen of a galerita cockatoo opens the lid of a garbage container in Sydney, Australia,

Neighbors constantly have to implement new ways to protect containers

Barbara Clamp / Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior

For this reason, the research has focused not only on the behavior of animals, but also on the confrontation they have with humans and how they react to the problem with all kinds of measures.

“When we collected data for the original study describing parrot behavior when opening enclosures, I saw that some people had put devices in their enclosures to protect them from birds, and I was surprised by the variety of different measures they came up with. So I wanted to investigate the human response to cockatoos,” explained the author Principal Barbara Klamp, a behavioral ecologist at the Max Planck Institute, Gizmodo.

The main problem neighbors have encountered when coming up with new ways to protect containers is that they are designed to leak their contents when picked up by a garbage truck, so that they cannot be closed completely.

Cockatoos have learned to overcome protective measures

As a solution, some used the most diverse methods: laying all kinds of bricks and heavy materials on the surface of the cap, fastening water bottles, using special locks that open on time or even blocking the opening. However, gradually many managed to overcome these protective measures, and the population was forced to use new methods to combat them.

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