Australian Open: Middle finger scandal in Nadal’s victory – “Drink a lot of gin or tequila”

The Spaniard won three sets in the second round

One of the spectators caused a scandal at the Australian Open.

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When Rafael Nadal won the second round, a spectator caused an uproar with her behavior. The Spaniard responded with a loose saying.

  • Rafael Nadal reached the third round of the Australian Open after winning three sets over Michael Moh.
  • During the match, the Spaniard was molested in the worst possible way by the spectator.
  • The Spaniard did not let himself upset and laugh after the match.

Melbourne – Just like Alexander Zverev, record-breaking Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal defeated his American opponent by three sets in the second round. During Thursday’s second-round match against Michael Moh (6: 1, 6: 4, 6: 2) a spectator caused a strange kind of scandal, insulting Nadal and even expelling him from the facility.

Australian Open: Middle finger against Rafael Nadal – spectator expelled from the hall

At the end of the second set, the Spaniard was just under 5: 4 when fans were suddenly alarmed by the usual tense atmosphere at Rod Laver Stadium. The woman broke from the stands and tried several times to anger Nadal by screaming as he tried to serve.

but that is not all! The woman suddenly showed her French Open winning middle finger 13 times and insulted him, at which point Nadal asked in disbelief, “What, me?” The 34-year-old laughed and played tennis with his foot while the spectator escorted five hosts to the booing of some spectators. The disruptive maneuver came to nothing in the end, as Nadal won the set at 4: 6 in the next gathering.

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Australian Open: Nadal’s reaction to a mob attack – “Maybe too much gin or tequila”

“He was against me, not the referee.” “Maybe I drank too much gin or tequila,” Nadal said in a post-match smile. “It was a strange situation, but also funny. I didn’t even know why she showed me the middle finger. ”He doesn’t know the lady and“ honestly, he doesn’t want to get to know her either. ”

American Michael Moh’s reaction was also patient to the drunken mob, but in the end he had to admit defeat. And now Briton Cameron Nuri is waiting in the third round for Nadal, who won the Australian Open only once in 2009. Mallorca can beat Roger Federer, who is absent from Switzerland, with another victory in the Grand Slam, and thus become the only record holder. (Pay)

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