Australia withdraws from baseball before Olympic final in Mexico

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National baseball team Australia decided to withdraw from baseball before the Olympic final النهائي Which will take place at Hermanos Cerdan Stadium in Puebla, Mexico, due to travel restrictions in place for health reasons.

This was said by Glenn Williams, CEO of the Australian baseball team The decision to miss the last tournament bound for the Tokyo Olympics was ‘heartbreaking’Since the event, which was originally supposed to take place in Taichung, Taiwan, has been moved to the Mexican city, making logistics virtually impossible.

“The planning for Taiwan was extensive With the late change of location and dates, these plans are outdatedAustralian director said. “We worked through multiple options and scenarios, but the logistical challenges of providing a safe environment for the group were insurmountable.”

Williams also emphasized that even, having attended and stayed as the Olympics went by, Subsequent quarantine requirements made it impossible to compete in Tokyo As of July 23.

Taiwan, known as China Taipei For sporting events, the tournament that will award the last six tickets to the Olympics was scheduled to be hosted this summer in Japan. However, the increase in cases of coronavirus infection in recent days prompted the state to notify it of its decision to move the tournament and cancel the participation of its team.

Besides Taiwan, China It was also scheduled to attend the final classification, and As well as Australia, she canceled her engagement.

Australia leaves decision The Dominican Republic, Venezuela and the Netherlands are the only participating countries In the pre-Olympic tournament. The World Baseball and Softball Federation has not released the calendar or competition format by which the final pass to Tokyo 2020 will be distributed.

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