Australia, the official favorites for the 2027 World Cup

Australia Officially launched its bid on Thursday to host the 2027 Rugby World Cup, a “generation event” it says will generate billions of dollars and allow Wallabies Return to your former glory.

The world champion in 1991 and 1999, Australia reached the final of the 2003 World Cup it hosted. But since then, the Wallabies have lost their luster and the local rugby, struggling financially, has struggled with competition from other sports.

“This is a wonderful day for all Australians as we officially raise our hands to run as candidates to host the third largest sporting event in the world,” said the Australian Rugby President. Hamish McLennanIt’s a statement.

“The 2027 World Cup is an event spanning a generation, and hosting it is a unique opportunity that will bring great economic benefits to our country.”

The Australian rugby company has estimated that the World Cup will generate 2.5 billion dollars (1.6 billion euros) for the economy and attract 200,000 visitors to the country and more than 2 million spectators to the stadiums.

McLennan spoke of an “unparalleled opportunity to develop sport” that will be part of the “green and gold decade”, the national colors of Australia, as the country will host several major sporting events.

Brisbane is the preferred candidate for the International Olympic Committee to host 2032 Olympics. Australia will host Cricket World Cup Twenty20 and the Women’s Basketball World Cup next year and in 2023 the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Australia is the favorite Russia. Argentina has also expressed interest in this organization, but left it last year.

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The host countries for the 2027 and 2031 releases will be decided in May 2022, and the deadline for submitting applications will be January 2022.

Prospects for the 2027 World Cup could help rugby Australia turn the page from a difficult period, amid the costly exclusion of the former Wallabie. Israel FollaoFinancial difficulties exacerbated by the epidemic, coach leaving Michael Chica After the disappointing World Cup 2019 tournament and the resignation of its CEO in 2020, Raelene Castle.

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