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The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, This was announced Tuesday Suspension of flights to and from India Until the next May 15th for Block local broadcasts for Covid-19 Because of the entry of travelers from that country, which is going through a health crisis.

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Morrison explained at a press conference in Sydney that indirect flights from India are from places like Doha (Qatar), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Singapore, and(A) Suspended due to measures imposed by its authorities.

“We need to slow the pace dramatically in the coming weeks,” Morrison said, explaining that 95% of the COVID-19 cases among Australians in the returnee quarantine in the Northern Territory come from India.

The president, who last week announced a 30% reduction in commercial and repatriation flights from India, too Announced the shipment of 500 ventilators and a thousand surgical masks, Among other tools to help that country cope with the epidemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak is linked to a wedding trip

The suspension of flights to India, where nearly 8,000 Australians have been stranded, comes after the Western Australian state government on Friday ordered the imprisonment of Perth, in the southwestern oceanic country, for three days and from Australia. Adjacent peeling area.

Command – order Respond to discovering the COVID-19 case In a man who served quarantine at the Perth Hotel for international travelers, in the room next to another infected person, toBefore spending five days in the city freely and without knowing that he had contracted the disease.

In addition to this man, who tested positive after traveling to Melbourne, two other people were infected as a result of this outbreak in Western Australia, which the local press linked to another man who traveled to India to marry, before returning to Australia.

Presumed wedding trip to India He reignited a heated debate in Australia, the country that has kept its borders closed since March 2020, about travel exemptions and a quarantine system for hotels, andN times new strains appear and these facilities do not prevent air transmission.

Australia’s population of 25 million, a country that has managed the epidemic well and has delayed its COVID-19 vaccination program, is in normal practice, which They are allowed to attend mass concerts without the need to wear masks, Although intermittently they were subjected to sudden protective custody.

Australia has accumulated about 29,700 cases of coronavirus since the start of the epidemic, including about 910 deaths, most of them during the second wave that resulted from failures of quarantine hotel protocols in Melbourne.

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