2022 Winter Olympics: Finland wins its first ever Olympic gold in ice hockey

2022 Winter Olympics: Finland wins its first ever Olympic gold in ice hockey

Goal from Hannes Bjorninen At the start of the third inning, he lifted Finland to the last Olympic step missing. This goal completed the return in front of the Russian Olympic Committee team, which advanced in the first half with a goal from Mikhail Grigorienko, which Villa Boca saved in the second half. The victory complements the great success of the Scandinavian country, which won the bronze medal in the women’s competition.

In a competition marked by the absence of NHL playersFinland confirmed the potential that was expected of it. He was preceded by world gold in 2019 and silver in 2021, with six medals in the previous nine Olympics (silver at Calgary 88 and Turn 06), and he went on to oust the current champion in a stunning, highly vertical, forcing goal. Ivan Fedotov for exercise. He made 29 stops – Finn Sateri has only 16 – and failed to stop the two biggest stops in Finland’s history.

Goalkeeper disappointed Especially for his performance in the first goal, he took off the medal on the podium. “It’s hard to accept that it’s not gold,” said the goalkeeper, who was drafted by the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers in 2015 and has Finnish maternal grandparents, the country where he was occasionally born to live in St Petersburg. “I’m an all-or-nothing player, and it’s hard to accept defeat. I’ll enjoy this medal, but later.” In the match for third and fourth place, Slovakia beat Sweden 4-0.

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