Australia: Nourish Ingredients closes $ 11 million funding round

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Startup to start Australian food Nutritious ingredients It recently completed its first US $ 11 million funding round. Nourish Ingredients specializes in developing and producing fermented vegetable fats. The tour was led by Horizon Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures.

Nourish Ingredients have developed a proprietary yeast fermentation process, by which the molecular structure of animal fats can be completely reproduced on a plant-based basis. According to the company, this fermentation process is not only more environmentally friendly than traditional production, but it also ensures a better appearance of taste and mouth feel to the fat, unlike other vegetarian alternative products in the field.

“With the help of science, we have developed a variety of animal-free fat formulas to suit any type of protein taste. Now vegan meat and dairy products can not only be more sustainable than before, but they can also match the real thing in terms of taste and texture.” As stated in the company statement.

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