Australia is off the calendar and F1 is switching alternatives

After a night full of rumors coming out of Australia in which various news portals confirmed the cancellation of most 2021 international events, including the MotoGP and Australian F1 Grand Prix, Formula 1 owner and promoter Liberty Media has confirmed that Melbourne will not in fact do so. can be visited.

Australian Grand Prix canceled

Australia, this year’s regular opening event, was able to maintain its top spot in the Grand Prix thanks to a change in dates, from March to the end of November, at which time the effects of the pandemic were expected to be minimal even though the Australian government was not marked last year with rules Suddenly long-term already indicated that it will not be easy to hold this event.

Melbourne wanted his career and prepared themselves to be the penultimate event of the season, just ahead of Saudi Arabia and the now traditional tournament at Yas Marina. In fact, Albert Park decided to do some remodeling work while removing some of the curves and shifting the vertices of many others, introducing a fairly new circuit.

But finally, it will not be 2021 either, and the layout of the new Albert Park will have to wait. Australia was already the first Grand Prix to be canceled in 2020, just minutes before the first free practice session kicks off.

Formula 1 remains steadfast in its determination to reach 23 races this season and ensures it has many options to replace her. Unfortunately, this cancellation is not expected to be the last, as Japan cancels many events, including MotoGP, only that Honda, which is completing its final year in Formula 1 and can also take the title, wants to burn all options before Suzuka cancels, on October 10.

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China or Mugello

Among the options is the Chinese Grand Prix, which requested its turn whenever after the summer but was nonetheless overlooked after Singapore was canceled, with Turkey remaining. Mugello also keeps pushing to repeat the race he loves so much in 2020, but for now, Liberty Media is avoiding advertising itself.

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