Australia confirms Brazil and Argentina on June 11

What rumors were on the way until weeks ago: NEW “Superclassic of the Americas” (as sold) in Oceania, more specifically in MelbourneAnd Australia. This will not be the first time in the Australian city, since Argentina and Brazil met on July 10, 1988 in Olympic Park Stadium With a goalless draw and on another occasion on June 9, 2017 in Melbourne Cricket Ground (The stadium where this match will be played) Argentina won 1-0.

The truth is: Argentina I didn’t want to play this match. He said it before wall And let it show scaloni On some occasions, it’s game over for them and FIFA Points must be awarded to Argentina. We remind you that this is not a friendly match, but a points match that does not “use” anything with the two teams ranked in the World Cup draw that have already been drawn.


Vinicius and Konya are chasing Di Maria in the last match between Argentina and Brazil.Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Those who proposed this meeting in Oceania It was the Brazilians. They saw an important business opportunity and a game to be played. Europe was first contemplated for conflict (Argentina will stay in London from 25 May and a friendly match against Italy will be held on 1 June in that city) but they finally chose Australia.

FIFA referee

Advocate Juan de Dios Crespo who is handling the AFC case They do not know that the match between Brazil and Argentina suspended from the qualifiers will be held in Melbourne on June 11, Diario has also learned as well as I have learned that the FIFA decision has not yet been made and that in an unfavorable situation the AFC will go to TAS.

The only sure thing is that a file AFA I’m still waiting for the verdict FIFA, although everything seems to indicate that the match will take place. The organization has already announced that tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Melbourne), so everything seems to indicate that there is no going back and that the business is once again winning over the football interests of one of the parties.

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