Attention and vigilance in public: the city provides information on awareness teams on the occasion of the 43rd Security Conference – News from Leipzig

In the future, Leipzig night owls will become more mindful and alert in public with the help of so-called outreach teams. This came about the forty-third security conference of the Municipal Prevention Council with the city and the police.

The outreach teams aim to help reduce the potential for conflict associated with the increasing shift of nightlife into public spaces. They will belong to the association commissioned by the city. Their use will first be tested as part of a pilot project near Sachsenbrücke.

Experiences from Hanover and Vienna, as well as the expertise of Leipzig representatives in the field of night culture, were combined. After a successful evaluation, there is the option of using mobile teams at other hotspots in the city area or at large municipal events.

“Public spaces can and should be used by everyone. But in the case of many people, it is especially important to consider each other and treat each other and the environment carefully”, explains Heiko Rosenthal. “Awareness teams can help educate night owls.”

Another aspect of the work is to increase the sense of security as a low-threshold point of contact and to make public spaces more attractive and safer for all user groups in close cooperation with the authorities.

With the relocation of party sites to the public space, many performances and structures associated with an enclosed and organized space in terms of safety and waste disposal are no longer available. Noise struggles with residents and pollution of parks have been recorded last year, especially on weekends. Gatherings with large groups of people can also increase the incidence of crimes, such as theft or assault, and alcohol or psychoactive substance emergencies.

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For their appointment, outreach guides are trained, for example, in the areas of first aid or conflict management. Leipzig Police Chief, René Daimler: “But it is not the job of the awareness teams to intervene in potentially dangerous situations. In these cases, they work in close coordination with the police and security services.”

Outreach teams are just one measure in a package of measures designed to deal with the negative side effects of the increased use of public spaces. Large car parks, additional glass containers, installation of portable toilets and signage for better orientation on the site are intended to prevent pollution and support the work of the authorities.

The Municipal Prevention Council holds a security conference on crime prevention topics twice a year. More information is available on the website

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