Atletico Madrid, one of Barcelona’s rivals in Australia

The F.C.B plan australian little tour, As revealed by MDWhen the current season ends. As of today, the planned ‘timing’ is to depart for the week beginning Monday 23 May (league ends 22), on a planned route to generate income and open new markets on a continent where Barcelona’s first team has yet to set foot. Yes, FC Barcelona has academies in this country, but they have been closed due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Two friendlies are scheduled for Barcelona in Australia and one of the matches, as it was known MDWill be bells. Which is that in the most demanding of these dishes the expected competitor is Atletico Madrid. It would be a great poster for Australian fans to come and watch a match between two of the best teams in La Liga.

The other, against local selection

According to the information obtained by this newspaper, another contender for the azulgrana municipality will be the formation of a selection of Australian players, a kind of meeting of the best footballers who play in this peripheral country.

At the calendar level, in the first layout, matches are scheduled for the days May 27 and 30. What has yet to happen is where it will be played, although Sydney has many numbers to host at least one of them.

Before the Nations League matches

Inviting these matches may result in some weight loss. Shortly after the end of the season, there is a two-week window in which European teams must play four matches of the tournament. The League of Nationsbetween 2 and 14 June. In the case of the Spanish team, which is the team that will host most of Barcelona’s international players, it already has matches scheduled for June 2 (Spain-Portugal), June 5 (Czech Republic-Spain), June 9 (Switzerland-Spain) and June. 12 (Spain – Czech Republic).

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Too long a flight and ‘jet lag’

Barcelona will have two drawbacks to this mini-tour: the distance and the delay in travel. To go to Australia You have to stop at least once Doha (diameter) or Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) In total there are about 22 flying hours in two batches. In addition, there is a ten-hour time difference between Barcelona and Australia: the day starts and starts early in Australian territory.

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