At least 75 Cuban rafters washed up on the coast of Florida on Thanksgiving

The immigrants were detained and left in the hands of the Florida Border Patrol (US Border Patrol

More than 75 migrants arrived in small boats at different points in the city Florida Keys (Southern United States) in the past hours, according to what was reported by the TV channel, Thursday Local 10 From official sources in Miami.

This Thanksgiving, the most important non-religious holiday in the United States, there was At least four immigrant landings In the chain of islands between the continental United States and Cuba.

Our teams will continue to conduct land, sea and air patrols throughout the holiday season. “Those who attempt to enter the United States illegally by sea will be rescued and sent home,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. Walter N. Slussar, Chief of Border Patrol (CBP) Miami Sector.

US Coast Guard intercepted 1,132 Cubans at sea during October (US Border Patrol)
US Coast Guard intercepted 1,132 Cubans at sea during October (US Border Patrol)

According to cited sources Local 10More than 30 immigrants reached uninhabited areas marquesas key, in the far west of those small islands in the Straits of Florida. Ten others arrived by boat in Dry Tortugas Keya diving tourist destination with no permanent residents, a 19-in marathon and another 17 inches grass key.

They are all gone Arrested They were left in the hands of the Border Patrol.

The information does not mention the nationality of the immigrants who arrived in the Keys, but that is The American region closest to Cuba Presumably they may be Cubans.

According to data from the US Coast Guard and its agents Intercepted at sea during October 1132 Cubanwhich is a significant figure if we take into account that in the past 12 months 6,182 interceptions were made.

Florida Keys is the US area closest to Cuba (US Border Patrol)
Florida Keys is the US area closest to Cuba (US Border Patrol)

The numbers of interceptions of Cubans trying to reach the United States by land are even higher.

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The Border Patrol reported this last week A total of 29,872 Cubans entered the United States irregularly through land borders in OctoberIn the midst of an immigration crisis that has caused the largest exodus of people from the island in decades. Most Cubans, 28,848 of the total, entered through the border with Mexico.

Only Mexico, with 67,186 immigrants, has this time surpassed the number of Cubans arriving in the United States, according to updated data from Customs and Border Protection.

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