Asian Doll says her friendship ended after Megan Thee Stallion ditched her for JT on her debut album


Femcee ‘Unfuccwitable’ hints at the end of her friendship with songwriter ‘Hot Summer Girl’ after initially insisting that she is still gorgeous despite being ignored by Meg on her debut album.

Ice Showbiz – Act Asian doll End her friendship with Megan Thay Stallion? The rapper is also known as Da Prat Asian She was apparently hurt because she wrote a now-deleted tweet, “The friendship is over after that!” After revealing that Megan replaced her GT From City girls.

The drama began when an Asian played her unpublished poetry on “Do It on the Tip,” a song from Meghan’s debut album to feature City Girls. Megan has also been called out to give up Asia,inappropriate“The star was quick to set the record straight,” she wrote. Megan and I are still idgaf friends about not having a song in my sleep. ”

But in a follow-up tweet, she admitted that, while she was great with “Hot Girl Summer” hitmaker, she was really upset at first. She admitted, “I was (crazy) but in Sagittarius, we got crazy and then 10 minutes later we’re not giving AF ** K BOUT NUNNADET SH * T. (sic)”

While Meghan was silent, JT posted a series of encrypted messages that fans believed were a response to Asian Doll’s tweets. “A true friend is something you really know nothing about!” Formulated it. “I was doing well, but I’m starting to get your attention, I walked out and I came with facts !!!!! I started to sympathize with ** h ** s really grinding her gears !!

JT added, “As if you knew it was gone, it caught attention and caused a stir … Why are you talking about that? Consider lying! But stop!”

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While JT didn’t drop any names, Asian directly mentioned JT in her next tweet, insisting on maintaining a positive attitude as fans drew her attention to JT’s notes. “If JT didn’t say my name, she didn’t speak to me,” she tweeted, before apparently rebuking fans for trying to pit her against the City Girls member, “Stop messing around because what you said was between me and Megan!”

Asian continued, “This whole song is out of control! My intentions were not bad when I played it, I don’t want to be in perfect shape, I don’t want to take it out, I played it because it was never released! I don’t need to choose me because at the end of the day I’m facing this . ”

“I was called up and asked to perform the song,” she explained why she sent her poetry to Meg. “Some people told me not to do it anyway, so I didn’t. After weeks I was reminded to do it, so I did.”

Asian, who previously defended Megan against Tory LinzThen, apparently, Megan called for her silence. “So many things I don’t even deserve,” she wrote. “God knows my intentions but these people are not making it better. How do you not defend a father *** h who is running for you?” [laughing crying emojis]”.

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