Art in Public: Kapas, Art, and Lots of Spaces

Purgstaller Robert Kabas takes on his outdoor business for aha influences in the area.
Chips district. Whether it’s in a crowded roundabout, a popular meeting point in the main square or simply “just” in a meadow. You know them from walking in the past and driving in the past. But do you notice them, too? We are talking about works of art in public.
Robert Cabas of Purgstall is someone who artistically enriches the region with original and unusual sculptures. For the freelance artist, public space has always been a top priority in his art career: “I find the opportunity to create a work for a specific location and align your artistic ideas with the external requirements and conditions that are unimpressive and the task is very attractive.” One of his mostly “transcendent” works, “Object B” in The roundabout at the Ybbs Highway junction forms a pear “through” two steel plates as it passes at the optimum viewing angle. (The extra round is definitely an advantage here.)

Inclusion of functional aspects
The painter, born in Chips in 1952, who has made a global name for himself with his expressive portraits and drawings, would like to see more artwork in public spaces and not give much thought to representational objects or decorative items: “I think functional aspects are included that are interesting, what is called today Furniture of the space ranges from privacy screens to the structure of the quiet area. In any case, it is important to engage with the site in question.” Kapas created an example of this in the main square in Weilburg: “Together. The river.” The functional ensemble of sculptures with fountain, benches and rest wheel symbolize the confluence of the large and small Erlauf as a communicative symbol of the trade fair city.
With about two dozen artistically designed pieces outdoors in Chips, Amsetten, and King counties, Robert Cabas has created aha influences, and is delighted that so many people encounter Art Nouveau: “In public spaces you meet different audiences,” says the award-winning artist.

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