Argentine guides will compete with sleds cross-country in Switzerland

by Toncek Arko

From April 24 to 29, 2022, Team Patagonia Argentina will participate in a new edition of the PDG Figure Skating Competition in Switzerland. It will be the first time for Argentina to be represented in this event, which is held in teams of 3 athletes, along with another 1,540 triathlons with representatives from 35 countries.

The delegation consists of Nahuel Campitelli (in the role of technical director and manager), Thomas Aguilo, Pablo Finster and Peter Trechel, who will form the trio of Musketeers. The first three are mountain guides from the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides (AGGM) and Peter is a ski instructor based in San Martin de los Andes. Finster and Treichel regularly participate in cross-country ski competitions organized annually by the Argentine Ski and Mountaineering Federation (FASA) and were crowned champions of Argentina in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The PDG (Patrol Glacier in French) is one of the most famous and has been held for 80 years in Switzerland, with the participation of athletes from all over the world. It joins the towns of Zermatt and Verbier, through the Matterhorn, with a length of 60 kilometers and a difference of more than 4,000 meters in elevation. It is an open race, held every two years, with 3 athletes who must always run together, often tied with a rope over glaciers.

Patagonia Argentina brings together the top three advocates of cross-country skiing, Seniors category, nationally. This mountain activity is one of the fastest growing in the Andes in recent years, and it has hundreds of followers. Many of them also participate in competitions organized by FASA.

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Nahuel Campitelli, International High Mountain Guide, noted that the initiative emerged during the winter of 2018. “I was working with a fellow European with a group of Swiss mountaineers in the Jacob Sanctuary area. During winter ski training, we met Pablo Finster twice, who was training. He was surprised. Our client has his good level of skiing, and one of them, Bernard Giroud, told me that if I could put together an Argentine team with three athletes like Pablo, he would invite us to Switzerland to participate in the PDG,” he explained.

Campitelli enthusiastically accepted the proposal, and the first Argentine Patagonia was made up of Pablo Finster, Peter Trichel and Charlie Gallusi, with the idea of ​​participating in 2020. But due to the pandemic, the test was canceled.

Giroud, a Swiss businessman living in Geneva, kept his commitment and Jalousi (who declined to participate) was replaced with the 2022 edition by Tomy Aguiló, one of the AAGM’s most trained high mountain guides in mountain competitions. They will travel to Europe in the early days of April, to train together on Alpine glaciers before the test.

“Our main goal is to gain experience in this type of competition and support the organization of cross-country skiing competitions in Patagonia when we return. Campetelli explained that Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and El Chalten have great scenarios for this winter activity and it will be important to hold more sporting events.” .

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