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rooted. Episode 45: Argentina in Switzerland

Once again, the Radicanos engines are turned on and again we cross the ocean, in which case we will go to Switzerland; Beautiful country We always have random pictures that come to mind. A green field, special clothes for its residents, chocolate, sports fans can think of Roger Federer, punctuality of Swiss watches, a fairly organized society. We’ll see if what we imagine it really is, we’re in touch with Karina Salazar. She is 50 years old, she does it all, she sings opera, she is a visual artist, she has written more than 20 books, she is a fan of good wine, she was born in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. 23 years ago he decided to settle in Switzerland and welcomes us. Welcome Karina to Radicados.

an interview

What have you gained in these 23 years of your life story?

In fact, I had been coming to see Europe for three months and had a return ticket. But in those three months, my ex-husband proposed to me. I won many things, as a Latin American I started many things I did not finish. And Switzerland, with such precision, led me to finish, for example, two masters.

What is the most difficult thing for you in adapting to Switzerland?

Initially, talking about 1999, I paid about $500 a month to talk to my family, it was really, really expensive. And think about it now with apps; It’s been fifteen years since you could talk on Skype or other platforms, but before that it was very easy, there were a lot of messages.

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Do you know other Argentines living in Switzerland?

There are a lot of Argentines in Switzerland. Firstly because there are many Swiss immigrants, and because Argentina was the second most chosen destination by percentage. The Swiss immigrated first to Australia and as a second country they chose Argentina.

If you enjoyed the trip, we will soon meet again with a new destination to discover the world and see how Argentines live beyond borders.

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