Appointment of Dr. Helen Mirren as Ambassador of the University of Salento

Dr. Helen Mirren has been appointed as an ambassador for the University of Salento.

The 76-year-old actress was thrilled to be awarded the honorary position at the Italian School of Lecce on Thursday (10.21.21), which was bestowed upon her by her “pride, determination and passion” associated with her associated traits. from the University.

Assigning her this role, we recognize her as representative of our university and our lands, and we value in her the qualities that define our community: pride, determination, and passion,” said the university president appointing Helen.

The dean of the university also said that Helen was honored for her continued efforts to help the struggle for the local landscape, which has been affected by Xylella, a bacterium that has caused the destruction of olive trees.

“We have seen her struggle alongside us to reconstruct the beauty of the landscape that marked Zila, and read in her eyes the love for this land, its history and humanity,” he added.

In a university social media post, they claimed Helen was “honored” and “excited to collaborate on university projects”.

The “Good Liar” star is also said to have “stressed the importance of this generation of students” and called them “the architects of the future”.

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that Helen will be among the special guests at Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebrations, which will take place over four nights in May next year.

Described throughout history as a “personal homage to our monarchy,” the Gallup event was designed to take audiences on a journey from Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth and will feature horses, dancers and musicians.

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Volunteers from across the UK and Commonwealth will also take part in the festivities, with a special parade taking place in the streets of London.

One courtier said: “It will surely be the best in the British Fair and there will be something for everyone to do on a number of splendid occasions during one of the biggest festive events of recent decades.”

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