Apple Watch Series 7 flat screen, larger case up to 41mm and 45mm.

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 will have a larger case size. There are 41mm and 45mm sizes from the original 40mm and 44mm case.

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The information comes from UnclePan, which has exposed information about Apple devices in the past and is completely reliable. So, according to a blog that revealed the Apple Watch Series 7 about the larger case size to 41mm and 45mm, it’s interesting when you go back to the Apple Watch Series 4 at the time .40mm and 44mm were used up to the present. This means that the band sizes are compatible from Apple Watch Series 4 to Series 6.

The origin of the larger screen size on the Apple Watch Series 7 is the flat screen design. This gives more screen space. John Prosser One person at the Apple Information Association said that in addition to the flat bezel design, the Apple Watch Series 7 will also come in a new green color. It has already been submitted

The possibility is that the Apple Watch Series 7 will come with the launch of the iPhone 13 at the Apple Digital event this coming September. In addition to the two phones and the watch, Apple fans are also expected to launch iPads, AirPods, Mac mini and MacBook Pro included.

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