Apple has stopped making Android phones a historical device

At its last WWDC 2021 conference, Apple introduced a feature that allows FaceTime calls to be made on Android devices. But as usual with the giant Apple, Android phones secretly crash (when they have to show it). For example to display FaceTime Show off a nonexistent cell phone with giant frames and a big holeTo show how late phones with this system are.

Apple recently photographed an Android phone in its ad

This is not the only situation. Apple Beats app on GGoogle Play includes Pixel 2 image of 2017That is still good. If you want to switch from Android to iOS and download Go to iOS app, There is a HTC brand image from 2014. But now he’s reconsidered and thought about whether he’d rather damage the image of old Android in the ad for the new Beats Studio Buds. Decided to use it for this ad Samsung Galaxy S21, ie the current flagship.

It may seem trivial, but the situation in which Apple decided to photograph a young woman with a new Samsung phone is at least unusual. If he chose the Samsung Galaxy S2 instead, it would look very strange.

what is your opinion in this situation?

Source: androidauthority

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