AOK is still looking for participants for its Rheumatology Project in the Bayreuth area

New approaches to rheumatology: AOK Bayern and health insurers are looking for participants for a groundbreaking study in Bavaria

About every hundred adults in Germany suffers from rheumatoid arthritis – rheumatism for short. This widespread, chronic disease is usually treated symptomatically and with medication only. It is well known that psychological stress in particular can trigger flare-ups. The PETRA 2.0 Innovation Fund project (Personalized Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis) takes this connection and enables rheumatology patients to better understand and deal with the cause of their disease. A search is currently underway for adults and rheumatologists still affected by the project in Bayreuth and the surrounding area, according to AOK Bayern, BKK Landesverband Bayern and the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Information about the project is available at https://www.bkk-bay / ver si cherte / gesund – we rden / pet ra /.

PETRA 2.0 is based on the psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) approach. This branch of research examines the interaction between the soul and the immune system. The core of the PETRA 2.0 program is group skills training, which is carried out by specially trained psychotherapists over a period of nine months. In parallel with skills training, patients are treated by a rheumatologist. Among other things, sufferers learn to control emotions associated with their illness, such as fear, anger, depression, doubt or fatigue in their daily life and work, deal with their stressors, and develop problem-solving strategies.

In the Bayreuth area, patients are still being sought for intervention and control groups, as well as rheumatologists for the project. Participation is free for insured persons and an additional fee is paid for participating practices.

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The PETRA 2.0 project is funded by the Innovation Fund from the Statutory Health Insurance Funds with an amount of about 4.4 million euros. It is scientifically accompanied by doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and other experts. BKK Landesverband Bayern takes charge of the association. Participants in the consortium are AOK Bayern, the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the Professional Association of Prevention Specialists, the Medical University of Innsbruck, the University of Regensburg, the German Association of Psychotherapists of the Bavarian State Group, and the Professional Association of Physicians. German Rheumatologists (BDRh) Service GmbH. The funding code is: 01NVF20024.

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