Anna Elendt of SG Frankfurt wants the World Cup medal

DrThe optimum color for the grand entrance was not found. Shortly before an online press event on Friday, Anna Elendt applied a different glossy coat to each nail for testing purposes. The shade of blue should perfectly match the pink swimsuit. Just as all should be well when the 20-year-old jumps into the basin of the Hungarian capital Budapest for the world championships, which begin in a week.

Stay relaxed, have fun and get as close as possible to your best times – that’s what the SG Frankfurt athlete sets out to do. The mammologist herself raised expectations from the outside, which should not prevent her.

Over all three distances in her preferred position, 50, 100 and 200 metres, Heesan improved the German record this spring. 1:05.58 minutes over middle distance, which means a place in the current top eight in the world, and he would have finished fourth at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, where Allendt failed in the semi-finals.

Arrived at the scene

The stars of the scene, who recently passed her without a greeting, are now chatting with the climber. Anna’s misery has become a topic. The competition knows to be underestimated. Her former coach at DSW Darmstadt, Alexander Kreisel, had already predicted that the talent could become a “big one” in his preferred style.

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