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Do you have a Samsung mobile phone? There are millions of people who have this device and at the same time they have a terminal with an operating system in this time. With it, you can activate many functions such as “dark mode”, “do not disturb” and even “wi-fi” or “bluetooth”. One of them draws a lot of attention and here we explain more details.

However, some They bring an unknown tool: It’s called “Quick Share”. What is QuickShare? Have you used it before? Well, here we will tell you exactly what it means and what you can do with it.

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What is Quick Share on your ANDROID CELL

  • With the Quick Share function, you can quickly share photos and videos.
  • To do this, simply press the button by swiping down in the notification bar.
  • When enabled, you can choose whether you want to share documents with your friends, contacts, or a specific person.
  • At that moment, Quick Share will ask you for the photo or video you want to share.
This way you can share photos and videos with whoever you want using the quick share feature. (Photo: mag)
  • Once selected, just wait for the photo to load on your cell phone and go to your partner’s photos.
  • Best of all, despite the heavy weight, you can scroll through photos and videos quickly, in seconds.
  • Likewise, it is not necessary to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, as they do not need the Internet to operate.
  • When you finish the step of photos or videos, you have to turn off Quick Share to prevent others from connecting or seeing that your cell phone has the active function.

How to connect to WIFI without knowing the password

  • The first thing you should do is enter the settings of your cell phone .
  • There you will have to enter Wifi.
  • If your cell phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you need your friend to access it without a password, just tap on the network name.
  • At that moment, you will see a tab that says Wifi QR Code.
  • Now you have to enter Settings, Wifi, and in the upper corner tap on the small square.
  • Scan the QR code and that’s it, you can now get access to Wi-Fi without having to ask your friends for the password.
  • Best of all, you can connect and reconnect without the need for a password. Did you know?
  • In the case of iPhones, it is necessary to have a password written down.

What does ‘close’ mean on my ANDROID phone

  • Sure enough when I pulled down the notification bar I saw a “Nearby” icon.
  • This is represented as a knotted arc. Why this?
  • Well, like Bluetooth, it tends to be able to share all the photos and videos you want in seconds.
  • This is much faster than infrared or bluetooth itself.
  • To be able to activate it, you simply have to link your cell phone to the other mobile phone in order to share information.
  • Best of all, you don’t need mobile data or connection to the same Wi-Fi network to use it.
  • Neighborhood is fast and stable while transferring photos or videos from one cell phone to another.

How do I set up WI-FI from my cell phone?

inside the list ‘Settings‘ (or ‘settingOn your Android device, tapInternet and networksA list will appear that you must address.wifi zonefi and contactWhen entering, click again onwifi zonefisite details .

What should I do if my cell phone does not detect any WiFi?

The mobile does not detect a file Wi-Fi: The first thing you need to do is restart all devices. The phone is simple, you just need to press and hold the power off button and press “restart”. You must turn off the router, unplug it from power, and wait 30 seconds. Do that, reconnect and turn it on, and do the website details .

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