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He has quietly started accessing the Chrome browser to The Reading List functionality, a section that has been available on iOS devices for over a year and Google’s mobile operating system has begun to reveal it in app development versions.

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Chrome browser reading list on Android devices is The famous “Read Later”. Now we can do it easily from smart phones Which has this mobile operating system, here we show you step by step how to read web pages later and offline on your mobile phone:

How to read web pages later and offline

Chrome allows us to save web pages to read later in two ways. First by long pressing on the link. When its Actions window is displayed, we will see the new option “Add to Reading List”although it appears that it is not yet activated for all users.

The second method is when we already have this site or article open and want to read it again later. In this case we have to go to Menu > Add to Reading List.

This adds a link or article to your Reading List in Chrome for Android. (Photo: mag)

Then to consult all the saved websites to read later, we have to go to Menu > Favorites > Reading List. There we will see articles, pages without reading and those that we have read. Unread articles will now be available. The only options this section gives us is to select and delete articles from the reading list.

This is how you enter "reading list" From Chrome for Android.  (Photo: mag)
This takes you to the Reading List in Chrome for Android. (Photo: mag)

If Chrome is updated and “Add to Reading List” doesn’t appear, you can activate it from the experimental functions. In the address bar, go to chrome: // flags and looking for a job # read later There you will choose “Enabled (with app menu item)”. Restart Chrome and it will appear.

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