Android 12L beta 2 is here, another step towards foldable smartphones

Make room for Android 12L beta 2. The version of Android 12 adapted for the large screens of foldable smartphones and tablets is approaching its final version.

Android 12 for

Android 12L // Source: Google

Android 12L development continues. after First beta release in November, this differenceAndroid 12 Suitable for foldable smartphones and tablets, it continues to be improved with a second beta now available on compatible Google Pixel devices as reported XDA Developers.

Unfortunately, for now, it’s still hard to test the new features that Android 12L promises. This version should already introduce a taskbar and reorganize the notification panes and quick settings. It is also supposed to improve the options related to multitasking.

Android 12L is progressing well

At the moment, it seems that Android 12L beta 2 is primarily an occasion to close several phases of trials to get closer to the final release. illustrated by Change Shared by Google to catch the interest of third-party app developers.

Starting in beta 2, system behaviors and APIs are finalized. Now is the time to begin the final testing and development work needed to ensure that a compatible version of your app is ready for users who receive this update. 12L will have a standard API level (level 32) at this time.

Google Teams also determines it’s time to get started”Final Compatibility TestsMany language elements tend to prove that Android 12L development is going well.

This beta 2 also brings some fixes for minor bugs related to, among other things, display issues on the locked screen or issues with the recent apps display. The January 2022 security patch is also available in the game.

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What about Pixel Fold?

Note in passing itAndroid 12L reveals some clues about the design of the Google Pixel Fold. The final version of the OS is expected to be released in March, and we can hope to get some additional information about the foldable smartphone by then. Finally, know that beta 2 works on models ranging from the Pixel 3a to the Pixel 5a. the Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro Not yet compatible for testing.

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