And that’s when Season 2 arrives on Netflix

squid game It is the new revelation for 2021! Since its premiere in September NetflixThe hype for season two rose immediately.

According to some rumors, the Phase two is under constructionAs confirmed by the creator of the successful Korean series, Hwang Dong HyukBut it won’t be broadcast soon.

The show at the time was the most watched series of all time Netflix In November. Because of this, Squid became the first non-US series to be nominated in major categories at various award ceremonies. For example, he has three nominations for artificial intelligence golden balls It was recently announced, so if you win one here, the show will make history.

During examination a AngelsDong Hyuk had reported that the second season is currently under discussion. “There was a lot of pressure and a lot of love for Season 2, so it looks like you leave us no choice! I’m in the process of planning right nowsaid adding Ji Hong The first season of Squid Game (Lee Jung-jae) will play a major role in the upcoming season.

But Netflix hasn’t announced anything official yet

However, we won’t be able to see a second season anytime soon. Forget it might come this year, because It will not be introduced before 2024 For two reasons: Netflix has yet to officially announce the second season of Squid Game. The first season took nearly two years to complete and production of the second season has yet to begin.

If we trace the timeline that the first season followed, we can conclude that the second part of Squid may arrive in March of next year. Until something is made official, there are still rumors that need to be cleared up. Besides Squid Game, there are other popular Korean dramas on Netflix The hometown of Cha Cha ChaAnd It’s okay that I’m not okayAnd (e) However.

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