An electric charging network as extensive as the fuel grid: the Biden administration’s plan

Washington – A network of electric vehicle charging stations is comparable in size and accessibility to that of internal combustion vehicles.

It’s the 82-page plan developed by the Federal Highway Administration of the US Department of Transportation. As Forbes explains, it starts with the implementation of standard charging stations, which can work with any vehicle “regardless of the brand” and without differences today (see the Type 2 charging standard and Tesla connector). We continue to ensure the minimum number of stations, in order to facilitate research (which can be nerve-wracking today) and continue to create a standard for systems installation and maintenance and with stations networking, for quick and easy management and monitoring.

Washington’s goal is to “provide consumers with a reliable outlook for electric vehicle travel across the United States and support a skilled and trained national workforce in the installation and maintenance” of this type of service.

The DOT’s plan has received support from the BlueGreen Alliance, an organization that aims to protect the environment and union jobs at the same time. “We hope states will take steps beyond what is required of them to ensure that new jobs in the production, maintenance and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure provide quality wages and benefits in safe, ‘fair, and diversified’ work environments.”

It is, of course, not something that will quickly see the light. As CAR’s Brett Smith notes, Forbes also asked him, “It will take years to make the plan work. It’s a perception against reality.”

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