AMP: USA: A White House spokesperson who has threatened to “destroy” a journalist who resigns

Previously, the speaker was suspended for a week due to threats

Madrid, 14 (Europe Press)

White House spokesman T.J.Declau resigned from his post this Saturday after discussing with leaders of the White House contact team after being suspended on charges of threatening to “destroy” a journalist from the Politico website.

She had asked him questions about his personal life, specifically his alleged relationship with another journalist who was covering political news.

Declou, who was previously suspended from his wages for a week, issued a statement saying, “There are no words to express his regret, his shame, and his disgust at his behavior.

The statement posted on his Twitter account read: “I used a language that no woman should hear from anyone (…) I was astonished that I was ashamed and disappointed by my colleagues in the White House and President Biden.”

The White House press secretary, Jane Psaki, had previously reported that Daclo had already apologized to journalist Tara Palmery, which did not prevent the criticism from intensifying criticism of the lightness of the sentence.

The US President, Joe Biden, had promised to dismiss “immediately” any position characterized by disrespect during the exercise of his duties.

“I’ll destroy you,” Daclo replied to Palmery in a phone conversation broadcast by Vanity Fair, which talks about other anti-women and offensive phrases. Palmeri was investigating Daclo’s affair with Alexei McCamond, Axios’ correspondent for Biden’s campaign.

According to CNN’s sources, the resignation came after several senior White House staffers deemed the punishment the press team had imposed on Ducklo insufficient.

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