America and Saudi Arabia between Khashoggi and the reason for the state

Point on US-Saudi relations after the latest news on the Khashoggi case. Article by Giuseppe Gagliano

There are recent updates on the Khashoggi case.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in one Communication An official declared his refusal to the maximum extent possible of his conclusions Transfer An intelligence agency regarding the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Indeed, the ministry notes that the conclusions of this report are not only wrong but unacceptable. The Ministry also expresses its dissatisfaction with the publication of this report despite the measures taken to prevent a tragedy of this kind from happening again.

Moreover, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not intend to accept sanctions against its leadership, and above all it does not reject any attempt to undermine its sovereignty and the independence of the judiciary.

Despite the harsh tone of this statement, the Foreign Ministry stressed that the partnership between the two countries remained solid.

Although, on February 26, the US Secretary of State issued orders to impose a ban on 76 officials of the Saudi administration to travel to the United States, in order to implement economic sanctions against the former deputy head of Saudi intelligence and the Saudi royal family. Protect.

The reason for the state – containing the emergence of Iranian power, the influence and role of the Saudi lobby in the United States, the need to protect the stability of the Middle East and the enormous interests associated with oil and arms trade. It overcame any international law.

Therefore, despite the sacred values ​​of democracy and international law, the complexity of international reality forced American democracy once again to adapt to the ancient logic of mysterious empires.

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