Amazon Sparrow, this is the robot that will send workers to unemployment

With each passing year, Amazon is growing bigger and bigger, expanding its product inventory and requiring more employees. Realizing that the need for workers is a reality, Amazon Develop a file The robot that performs the tasks of humans I can replaced in the future.

In the past, we had to go to big malls and department stores to buy the appliances and products we needed. Times have definitely changed and now, Online stores like Amazon offer us literally everything. We can buy electronics, laptops, computers, refrigerators, televisions, furniture, various utensils and even food. However, to maintain such a huge inventory of products and logistics, a large number of workers are needed. Amazon is ready to reduce its dependence on humans, as its latest robotic arm able to do Tasks effectively 24 hours without breaks.

Amazon’s robotic arm can perform tasks like a human Inc. has been commissioned. Developing a new robotic arm to assist with daily tasks in company warehouses. Nicknamed the Sparrow, it was created to do the same job as the venue’s staff. Equipped with a range of retractable suction devices, the Amazon robot enables to pick up and Put things of different size and texture into containersAnd the Organize them as a factor. This may sound silly, but it’s a huge step forward, as this is very different from what other robotic arms do.

While Amazon was using bots to Lifting platforms and other repetitive tasks Which does not require much thought, here is completely different. This robot is capable of Define millions of products different, recognizing the type of article to which each belongs and making a decision. This means that they have been able to automate a part that would normally require human assistance.

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Sparrow will boost efficiency in Amazon warehouses

Amazon Robot Boxes

Right now, Amazon wants to use the robot arm as a file complement to workers. In other words, Sparrow will be responsible for assisting employees by performing repetitive tasks that employees criticize. This would relieve some of the workload and reduce complaints to the company Working conditions and safety improvement. So, don’t assume that Amazon will lay off its workers and replace them with robots. This won’t happen, at least for now, because there’s nothing to rule it out in a file The future Amazon repositories will mostly be powered by automated bots.

But for now, the robot will be limited to simple, repetitive tasks, such as lifting boxes and placing them on shelves. Although, as we have seen before, they are able to classify products, so perhaps we will see changes in the attitudes of workers. In fact, during a robotics event in Boston, Amazon confirmed that when it automates fixtures, many Frontline workers will be trained for more skilled jobs. Currently, Amazon is the second largest provider of private employment in the United States, after Walmart. she has 1.54 million workers around the world, so the use of robots can change the lives of many people.

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