“Amazing data” about vaccination have been revealed in the United Kingdom and Israel

Biochemist and Researcher at Conicet Daniela Hospor He highlighted the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine with the progress of the vaccination campaign in various countries of the world.

‘The data obtained is amazing’Hozbor said in connection with the morning From Victor Hugo, who shared data from Israel and England. “We already know how the vaccine works in real populations. Now we are moving from the term” efficacy “to” efficacy. ”

The specialist said that the magazine New England Journal of Medicine Publication of the results of the vaccine efficacy study Pfizer / Bioetec in Israel.

Their work involved more than 596,000 people, and seven days after receiving the second dose, they came to the conclusion that the technology has 94 percent prevention of asymptomatic diseases, 90 percent prevention of hospitalization and 92 percent of severe cases.

“That’s really cool data.”, Is being held.

What’s more, Whisper We shared the results of a study conducted in England that showed that a single dose of the vaccine can be 70 percent effective in people over the age of 70.

“The data is very encouraging. For us, it is amazing that all this happens in such a short time. It is true that we are exhausted by this epidemic, but from the science of vaccination, developing a vaccine is unbelievable.”

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