Alyssa Milano retaliates with a photo of the alleged black surface

The actress released on Tuesday in response to an article claiming she was “facing” due to an alleged “black line scandal”.

Milano tweeted a photo of the title from conservative place LifeZette along with her response.
“Hey, ** holes,” she chirped. “In the picture below, I’m parodying Jersey Shore and Snookie’s (cq) complexion. Snookie’s complexion (she’s dear by the way) is worth parodying, as is Trump’s ‘complexion.’

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi star is the hit of the MTV series “Jersey Shore” and is well known for her tan. Both she and Milan are of Italian heritage. CNN reached for Polizzi and LifeZette for comment.

the question of the black surface it became big in Hollywood during the recent global reconsideration of race and racial injustice. Past episodes of several shows featuring a character on a black surface have recently been withdrawn from electricity services and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel apologized after old clips of it appeared in the black surface.

Milan, which was open in its opposition to Trump, tweeted for days about what it claims is hatred against it because of its policy.

“Right-wing trolls use footage from this funny or dead video in which he parodied Snookie from the Jersey Shore,” she wrote Saturday alongside a video from the 2013 parody. “If you see screen captures they use maybe you can close them by linking to the entire video.”

“Cancel culture is armed by the right / Putin,” Milan tweeted on Monday.

“Pay attention to who they’re targeting and what the trend is,” she wrote. “Are they trying to harm Trump’s loudest critic? Yes. The Campod disinformation has begun. Be careful in what you post on social media. The truth still matters.”

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