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Watch out, pay attention, if you are looking for a drone, perhaps among the branded DJI range, then there is no doubt that you should take advantage of this exciting offer signed by Amazon. On the well-known e-commerce portal invented by billionaire Jeff Bezos, there is a very interesting promotion actually active for the DJI Air 2s drone, in fact the latest model produced by the well-known Chinese aircraft company with radio control .

DJI Drone on Amazon: Details

The discount is not to be missed, since you can buy the aircraft in question For less than 1300 euros. In detail, you can insure the release model for 1,249 euros fly more comboInside, there are also two additional bacteria, as well as a charging hub, ND filters, and even a shoulder bag.


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The drone in question, which you can buy at the show, is equipped one inch sensor, While the previous generation was middle, and besides, he had the ability to capture photos up to 20 megapixels; It is also capable of recording 5.4K videos at 30fps, perhaps 4K at 60fps, or Full HD at 120fps. The aircraft is equipped with autonomy of about half an hour, a maximum of 31 minutes, and also has a 3-axis stabilizer and 8 GB of internal memory; Finally, there are new options for digital zoom, additional sensors for obstacle detection, and APAS system has been updated To version 4.0: In short, thanks to this mode, obstacles are automatically avoided when, for example, a drone continues to follow a certain topic.

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Many good things exist, such as master shots, which allows our DJI drone to create flight paths automatically, using artificial intelligence, but at the same time, without losing sight of the object that will always remain in focus. Furthermore it Updated All other smart flight modes, Read Point of Interest 3.0, Spotlight 2.0 and ActiveTrack 4.0, each have significantly improved. We remind you that to take advantage of this interesting offer, you will have to go exclusively to Amazon, By clicking on this address. The e-commerce portal also provides a premium in few payments, in order to ease the purchase over time.

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